Yoga Cards · 6th edition


Yoga cards is a deck of cards with yoga postures (Asanas) contains information about its benefits and contraindications, as well as a glossary with healing sequences to alleviate 84 pathologies

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Yoga Cards is a deck with yoga postures (Asanas) and information about its benefits and contraindications. Contains a glossary of Healing Asanas to treat various pathologies or discomforts, based on the experiences of Master BKS Iyengar.

It includes:

60 double-sided cards: In the front part an image with the Asana and its name in Sanskrit. In the back: Introduction, benefits and contraindications.
Instructions booklet with a glossary of series of healing Asanas for 84 pathologies in 3 levels of difficulty.

Yoga Cards is not a guide to learn yoga practice, it should not be used without previous knowledge. In case of being an aspiring practitioner, it is suggested the accompaniment of an instructor or teacher to develop the series of Healing Asanas.

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