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Struggling with Yoga Postures: Here is a Cool Tool!

Are you struggling to remember yoga postures? Would you like to learn their names and meanings? Here is a cool tool that will help you!

Most yoga teachers use sanskrit names when referring to yoga postures (sanskrit is an ancient Indian language, most original yoga books are written in it). At first, it is really confusing but you will eventually get used to the sound of these words and learn the most common ones (uttanasa – standing forward bend-, adho-mukha svanasana – downward facing dog-, and so on…).

As I started getting more involved with yoga, I felt the necessity to learn the sanskrit names of yoga postures and struggled quite a bit. Thankfully, a fellow yoga student shared this gem and it really came handy! Yoga Cards is a deck of 60 pocket sized cards displaying a picture of a person doing the asana (pose) and its sanskrit name on one side and the english translation of the name, benefits, caution and simplified pose (using yoga props) on the other side. It also comes with a booklet listing most common illnesses and body parts and the asanas alleviating related pains and ackes. Furthermore, it includes a glossary of the sanskrit words making up asanas (yoga postures) names.

These cards are inspired by BKS Iyengar’s work, undoubtedly one of the best yoga masters of the 20th century,

Take a peek at 2 of the cards:

Salabhasana yoga card

natarajasana yoga card

Note: the cards are bilingual: English/Spanish.